What is web 3.0?

The world wide web has evolved massively over the last decade and with it have come some life changing applications and programs that now change our day to day life and how we go about every day tasks.
Web 3.0 is essentially the next phase of the web. Currently you can go on to a search engine and find information out such as local places to eat, films on at the cinema and even reviews on these places. Currently much of this is done via a few different searches, but there is a believe that in the very near future (web 3.0) this will change to allow us to be able to search for more complex phrases meaning that one search could give you all this information.
The main idea behind web 3.0 is that tasks you carry out online will be quicker and easier. The web will start to learn what you like and what you don;t like and therefore be able to make suggestions to you and recommendations based on your previous input. The internet does already do this to a degree, but with web 3.0 we can expect to see this improved even more.