Do you own the copyright to a design?

When having a logo or a website designed it is important to understand who owns the copyright to it. If the designer is using a third party website template, then the design rights will belong to the third part and not you or your designer. If they have designed it themselves then they usually own the copyright until it has been paid for or which they may lease to you.  Copyright protects your design so that others cannot copy it and use it as their own. You do not have to pay or register to copyright a logo or design, this is granted automatically. You may be contacted by a number of companies about purchasing the copyright for your design but this is not necessary and is pretty much meaningless. You can however purchase intellectual property rights or patents.

You automatically acquire the copyright to an image, illustration, piece of music, artwork, web content, logos etc. when you have created it from scratch so you cannot simply amend someone else’s logo and then claim it to be your own work.

Always clarify with your designer who has the rights to what in the design work they are under taking for you.