Creating template website to resell

If you are a web developer then you may wonder how you can make your business more streamlined. If you find you are having a number of small businesses coming to you who just want a 3 or 4-page basic site, then you may consider building a template that you can resell to them. Often smaller businesses do not have the funds to be able to spend thousands on a website and many programmers offer them something that is beyond what they want or need. Some businesses only want a website to refer clients to through word of mouth, networking and business cards and although it is important to build it so it is search engine friendly and can be adapted over time, initially they may want something that is quite static.

If you use an off the shelf content management system such as WordPress, then you may decide to build your own theme. This theme can then be duplicated on a number of sites and adapted accordingly. It is essentially a plug and play system that can have elements hidden or bolted on to fit the client’s needs and budget. This also makes it easier to upsell other functionality at a later date as the website has already been programmed in such a way to work with it.