Custom built website advantages

Although it may be tempting to opt for an off the shelf website that has been created from a basic template, you may find this very limiting in the future. When it comes to template websites there are a many different sorts. Some are quite restrictive and will only allow you to change a very small number of specific sections, others may be loosely based on a template but then are adapted to suit each client. Often the free or cheap websites are based on these more constrained templates which may be ok to start with but over time you could find it frustrating that you simply cannot change or add to it the way you want to. Often it is also harder to get these sites to rank well on the search engines as a lot of the functionality behind the scenes that you may need for SEO has been removed. For example, you may find that it uses the page title as the H1 (heading one) tag and you may not want this to be the case. It is likely that you do not have access to change this.

Before agreeing to a basic template website be sure to find out what can be changed at a later date if needed as it may be worth you paying a bit extra to get the right site from the start.