How to quote for a website project

Quoting for work as a web programmer or designer can be tricky. You often need to have a good discussion with your client about what it is exactly they are looking for. Website projects vary so much in costs from a few hundred pounds upwards of tens of thousands of pounds, all depending on what the website needs to do. If you are a relatively small start-up business that wants a five-page brochure site then you can expect to pay from about £500 up to £3000 depending on if graphics need to be purchased and copy written etc. For an e-commerce site, you might expect a range of £2000 up £10000 for a small to medium business.

When speaking to your client try and establish how many pages they want and what the purpose of those pages are, for example, if they just want images and information on each page then this will take a lot less time to build than creating calculators or login areas.

If it’s worth making a sitemap to show the pages, the functionality on each page and how they will link together. Once you have done this, have it agreed by your client before commencing programming.