“No coding skills needed” websites, what is the catch?

You may of seen a number of companies offer simply, low cost websites which allow you to build a site yourself with a simply drag and drop function. These sites attract a lot of businesses due to there low monthly fee and hassle free experience that is promised. If you are just starting out in business or have a business that doesn’t have a website then you may be tempted to use one of these sites.

These types of website can be ok for those looking for just a few pages to detail what their business offers, but many companies who are looking to grow their business over time or need to start off with additional functionality may struggle to get what they need.

Often people start off making their won website on these website builders and it all goes well until they come across a problem. Because they don’t understand coding and how programming works, they may try notice an issue but not know why it is going wrong or how to fix it. In the end they may have to get a programmer to look at the site for them and help them which often costs more as the programmer has to familiarise themselves with how the site works.