Web designer or web developer which do I need?

When you are establishing and promoting your business you may make the sensible decision to create a website for your company but in researching your options you may find one aspect confusing, do you need a website designer or a website developer?

The simple answer to this question is that ideally you need both. To clarify this, we need to understand the difference between these two services and why they are equally as important when we are seeking to promote a new business.

A web developer is employed to build the website and make its elements work as they should. The core structure of the website is developed by a back-end developer whereas a front-end developer is concerned with the interface that is seen by the visitor to the site. Both of these aspects are essential but may not necessarily be carried out by the same person or company.

Website designers, as the title suggests, are concerned with the aesthetic appearance of the website. They are interested not only in attracting clients to your site but keeping them there so that the visitor reads the content and hopefully gives you their business.

So, in conclusion, both of these are needed to build an effective website that will promote your business on the internet and help convert clicks to sales.