What is your brand strategy?

Having your own business can be exciting but you will quickly learn that if you do not have strategies in place for branding and marketing, you will struggle to make it successful.  

A brand strategy is making long term goals for the development of a successful brand and may include thing like having a logo designed, marketing through social media sites and creating a website. To create an effective brand strategy you need to consider your consumers. You should always keep in mind where you want your business to go and how you are going to achieve that.  

A brand is not just a logo or business card it is the entire ethos of the business and the experience you give to your customers. 

There are creative elements to your branding such as logo, slogans and colourways that will help people recognise you company apart from others, but this is just a part of it.  A brand needs to be built up and this is where your marketing comes in to play. Once you have the creative side sorted out you need to decide what experience you want your customers to have and then tie this all in together with your marketing.