Creating a marketing plan for your business

With the end of the year fast approaching, many companies are thinking about their marketing budget and if they need to increase it to the run up to Christmas. Depending on what industry you are in, Christmas may be an extremely busy time for you and you need to start planning months ahead to be ahead of the game. Christmas items are already starting to hit the shops and the TV is becoming packed with adverts for children’s toys.  Whether you are looking at undertaking most of the marketing yourself or outsourcing it all to a marketing agency, you will need to decide on a strategy and how the budget will be split between different marketing avenues.

There are so many forms of marketing, online and offline that it can be a struggle to know what to invest where. You need to establish who you are marketing towards and how is best to interact with them.  If for example you sell children’s toys or gifts then you may market to the children but you will also need to market to the parents to give them a good reason to buy your product above the thousands of other toys that are on the market.