Don’t neglect your own marketing as a web programmer

When it comes to marketing your own website, it is easy to let it slip. As a website programmer you may spend much of your time installing and implementing marketing techniques on customers websites. The job can be incredibly stressful at times and you often you have tight deadlines looming. It is easy to get carried away with all of this and not practice what you preach. All websites need to be maintained and updated to achieve good rankings on the search engines. Websites that are built and then just left tend to feature quite far down the results pages if at all.  

Making sure that your website and online marketing is kept up to date is not only important in terms of improving or maintaining your search engine rankings but also from a portfolio point of view. If a potential client clicks on to your website, they will want to see examples of previous work you may have done and information about yourself or company. If the site look dated, the information isn’t up to date or there has been no new news articles for 12 months, it doesn’t fill people with confidence.