How to get traffic to convert to sales on your website

When it comes to website marketing, so many businesses concentrate all their efforts on getting traffic to their site that they often forget to find out how much of that traffic is converting. There are a huge number of factors that contribute to conversions on a site such as price, ease of check out process, delivery and reviews. If your website is hard to navigate round or full of adverts that are too distracting, you may find that a number of people leave the site quite quickly after landing on it. This means that all the money spent on bringing in traffic (especially if you do paid for ads) is essentially wasted.

Make sure you spend some time analysing your competitors, see what they offer that you don’t or how they display information. Also check to see if your prices are competitive. If you are confident that you are offering a good service or product then you need to start pushing your site through organic and possibly paid for search to get the visitors to it. Using tools such as Google Analytics will allow you to see what pages people are visiting, what pages they are leaving on and the route they are taking through your site. If for example you notice that lots of people are leaving on the page that describes the delivery costs, then it may be that your costs are too high or you don’t offer next day delivery for example.