How to properly understand Google Analytics

If you are looking for a free statistics package than can allow you to track your visitors on your website then you will probably opt for Google Analytics. The code can be very easily added to your website to ensure that each time someone lands on your site their visit is tracked. It can be very useful in finding out if your marketing is working and where is best to invest your time and money. The great thing about analytics is that it allows you to drill down in to more than just the number of visitors you can actually find out what pages they viewed, how they found your site and how long they spent on the site amongst other things.  

You do have to be careful though taking everything at face value as sometimes the data can become skewed. If you notice a sudden increase in your traffic then check where the visits have come from. If it is showing as coming from referring sites, then dig a little deeper to find out which sites it is saying gave the referral. You will often find that this is not real traffic and is actually what’s known as spam referrals. Spam referrals can make your web stats have a sudden unexplained spike in traffic which often comes with an extremely high bounce rate. Usual you can visit the referring URL and find out if there is a link to your site, if not then it is spam and needs to be discounted.