How to run a marketing campaign using mail

There are a number of ways in which you can do marketing to help increase your sales or enquiries. Some forms work better for some businesses than others do. Mail marketing is often a common form that businesses use as it is often quite cheap to do and easy to track the results.

A business may use email marketing as the main way to communicate with their customers. This can allow them to quickly reach each contact and even personalise the email and products/services that are included in the email based on their marketing preferences or previous purchase history. One of the many advantages of email marketing is that you can track who has received your email, how has opened it and even what they have clicked on within the email.  

Some businesses use postal marketing to communicate with their customers, allowing them to send out catalogues, promotional flyers and newsletters. You can personalise printed mail but it often ends up costing more money and more time.

Post mailing is quite an expensive process of marketing compared to email marketing and it is hard to track the results of how successful the campaign has been. This being said, many companies still feel that it is beneficial to their business.