Integrate SEO into your website design and development from the outset

Many business owners assume that SEO is something that happens once a website has been created but integrating it into the site as it is being designed has been shown to be more effective. Web design is all about the visuals and function whereas SEO focuses on improving your viability on the search engines such as Google. However, SEO and web design should work together in any successful marketing strategy.

Being aware of SEO when designing a website means that you need to create a website that, while aesthetically pleasing, is also web crawler-friendly. An area where SEO and web design sometimes conflicts is with content. Content helps keyword strategies, and is needed for SEO but it can also have a negative effect if it’s not properly structured.

While SEO focuses on improving your search rank, it’s more than using the right tags and metadata. The inbound page links on a website are often ignored, but they can easily help the business rank higher if set up correctly. Linking or in fact all elements of SEO need to be done carefully to ensure that you don’t actually do more harm than good. It is vital that you seek the help and guidance of a marketing professional before undertaking any SEO for your website.