Is your website dropping down the search engine results?

If you have a website then you will probably understand the importance of search engine positioning. For those that sell online or use their website to gain enquiries, where your website shows in the results can have a huge effect on your traffic. If your traffic drops down, it is likely that you will see this in the number of enquiries and / or sales you have.

It may be that you don’t realise that you have experienced a drip in rankings until you notice your sales dropping off. It is important to keep track of this and there are a number of ways in which you can do it. If there is only a handful of phrases that you want to track then you may manually track them by typing them on Google etc. You do need to be careful when doing this as Google can show you personalised search results based on your previous search history and location etc. Ideally you want to use a third party software that is built to check the rankings through a proxy to give you more accurate results. You should do some research in to the company before agreeing to use their software and ideally get a free trial.