Sending out newsletters for your company

As part of your online marketing strategy, you may well wish to send out electronic news letters also known as e-news letters. Some companies choose to send these out themselves and others use a third party to create and send them.

If you are sending them out yourself through your own servers, you do need to be careful of the volume that you send out and the frequency. Sending out too many emails at once or too frequently can cause your server to be blacklisted and may mean to no email sent from your company will be delivered or if they do, may be marked as spam or junk.

When you are preparing a newsletter, you need to know a little bit about coding unless you are using a drag and drop system. You need to be aware that different email clients such as Yahoo and Gmail for example, may render the newsletter differently therefore you need to ensure that the newsletter is compatible with all of them.

Before hitting the send button, double and even triple check that all the links within the email work correctly as they should. It doesn’t look good if they don’t and you may find that people unsubscribe after this has happened.