Social media marketing through Facebook

Social media marketing can be a brilliant marketing tool and Facebook is often one of the most popular ways in which people promote their business and their products or service. It may seem easy to set up a Facebook page but managing and promoting it is not always straightforward and if the account is set up incorrectly to start with then you may struggle even more.

Ideally, you need to consult someone who is experienced in setting up and managing Facebook business accounts as they will either be able to do this for you or give you training on what to do. You will need to link your business page to a personal Facebook page in order to promote it and this needs to be a genuine account. You may want to have a Facebook account that is purely for business, you do not need to maintain this account that much but it does need to be real and allow you to communicate with other people.

You may want to start by joining a number of local groups which allow business postings and then start to share your business page including any events that you have coming up etc.