Tracking the progress of your online marketing

When carrying out any online or web marketing it is vital to track the progress of the work you are doing to see if you are getting a return on your investment.

There are a huge number of ways in which you can tackle online marketing and lots of possible avenues you can explore. Each marketing avenue has different associated costs some being relatively cheap and others being quite costly.  You will need to review the possible marketing options and decide which ones you want to concentrate your budget on. Some marketing avenues work better than others for businesses within certain industries.  It may be that you have a three to six month rolling strategy which allows you to test a number of marketing avenues over a twelve-month period and then decide which one worked best for you. You should bear in mind that some of the marketing techniques can take longer than 3 months to see the full effect therefore you may need to give it longer to see if it really is working. Examples of this is link building or Search Engine Optimisation which will improve the organic listings of the website.