What is retargeting in marketing?

Marketing can be very confusing at times and there is so much jargon about that it is easy to get confused over what all the different terminology means. Retargeting is different to remarketing and below we explore what retargeting is and how it can be used.
Retargeting is a relatively new term, about 5 years old and can often be split down in to online and offline. We are going to focus on online remarketing in today’s world and look at the advantages of using it in your business strategy.
In a nutshell remarketing is marketing your products or services more than once to the same person or group of people. For example, if you send out an email containing links to products on your site and a person clicks on one of those links. You may then email them to ask what they thought about it, if they need any additional help or to give them a special offer code to persuade them to make a purchase. This is remarketing – essentially marketing again to the same person.
If someone does make a purchase through your site then you may send them an email afterwards saying …”we see that you have bought x and thought you may be interested in this…”. This is another way to retarget them after they have made a connection with you by buying through your website. This is used by many companies such as Amazon and can work extremely well.